The Importance of Silver Wedding Anniversary Presents

Silver wedding anniversary presents for couples celebrating this very special occasion can span from very traditional, elegant gifts to modern, contemporary ones. The purchase of anniversary gifts depends upon the individual taste of the couple. It is a great honour to celebrate this wedding anniversary and a lot of careful thought should go into selection of presents, because staying married for twenty-five years truly is a milestone. Some suggestions for presents to commemorate this 25th wedding anniversary are personalised silver heirloom quality gifts such as: anniversary plates, crystal anniversary clocks, silver framed photo collages or champagne flutes engraved with silver etchings. These are a few good examples of traditional silver wedding anniversary presents.

For modern or contemporary wedding anniversary presents, some suggestions that are based on the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui are- silver coins, silver jewellery and pewter gifts sets. Feng Shui anniversary gifts are intended to bring continued good luck to the couple to promote future success, prosperity and happiness for celebration of the 25th anniversary. The importance of silver wedding anniversary presents according to Feng Shui is strengthening the connection between the husband and wife, so that they may continue to share their lives together for an additional 25 years.

Silver wedding anniversary presents don’t all have to be serious in nature, it’s perfectly suitable to select gifts that are simple and even a bit whimsical and fun like silver horseshoes for good luck, an engraved silver keepsake guardian angel, silver or pewter home decor, or artwork encased in a silver frame or a picture frame of the couple and their children. These are just some of the examples of appropriate simple gifts for this occasion.

It’s also great to give separate presents to the husband and wife instead of gifts for them as a couple. An example of presents in this category might include silver anniversary rings, Sterling silver jewellery, a personalized vase with flowers for her or an engraved silver key fob for him.

When it comes to suggestions for this very important anniversary, the only thing to keep in mind is that this is considered a major anniversary and the theme should be followed when planning parties or dinners to present the gifts. The theme for the 25th wedding anniversary is silver, this includes pewter and sterling silver and the flowers associated with it are Iris.

The good thing about silver wedding anniversary presents is that there truly is a wide range of possibilities. The thing to remember is that great gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive just purchased with careful forethought and consideration for the couple’s personalities and their individual taste.

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