A special occasion for all involved

A silver wedding anniversary can be an exciting occasion for the couple who are celebrating twenty five years of marriage. This is the time a husband and wife may feel they need to give a special gift to each other to commemorate this milestone in their lives. Silver jewellery such as an engraved heart pendant, or ring are always good options for a man to give his bride of twenty five years. A silver wedding anniversary gift that a man may enjoy getting from his wife on their twenty fifth wedding anniversary could be a silver clock suitable to be placed at his workplace or home office.

For guests who have been invited to a 25th wedding anniversary celebration, choosing the correct silver wedding anniversary gifts for the couple may be a little more challenging. They have to get a gift the will be suitable for a couple as opposed to an individual gift and such gift ideas aren't always easy to come by. If the guest is aware of the couples likes and interests this challenge may be a little easier to overcome. We have a variety of silver wedding anniversary gifts available that are suitable to give to a couple who are celebrating this occasion. A silver commemorative plate engraved with the couples names and the date of their silver anniversary is one choice. Other choices could be personalised bottle of wine or a silver sweet dish which make great wedding gifts.

The children of a couple who are celebrating twenty five years of marriage could create personal silver wedding anniversary gifts for their parents to show their love. A poem or piece of art work encased in a silver frame would be a wonderful keepsake for their parents. Another idea for a gift for the children to gave would be photo album. This album could contain pictures of special times the children had with their parents over the years. If their parents have a sweet tooth a silver bowl or gift basket filled with personalised chocolates kisses would be a gift that that their parents may enjoy

Silver wedding anniversary's often come at a time in the couple's life when their baby children have grown up and are old enough to be left on their own for a few days. This fact would make giving the couple a trip to a romantic location as a silver wedding anniversary gift feasible. Family members such as parents brother and sisters could pool their funds to pay for the trip though you will of course have to discuss this with them beforehand to ensure everyone is happy. If the couple has younger children family members could volunteer to have the children stay with them for a night so they couple could have a evening alone .